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The Institute of Geography SAS (IoG) focuses on basic research into the spatial structure and development of natural and socio-economic systems and their interrelations at various spatial levels – be they European, national, regional or local – with a particular focus on the territory of Slovakia. The IoG’s activities contribute to increasing the level of knowledge and education and the practical application of the results of scientific research.
The research activities are focused on:

  1. research into the spatial structure and development of river systems, their responses to changing environmental conditions, and flood risk assessment;
  2. the identification, analysis and evaluation of the spatial distribution of the Earth’s surface objects and the monitoring of their changes over time using geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing data;
  3. the analysis of the spatio-temporal aspects of economic, socio-cultural and environmental phenomena, processes and structures;
  4. integrated geographical research into the dynamics of natural and socio-economic systems in their interrelationships and the assessment of the quality of life conditions and (sustainable) local and regional development.